As a certified nurse assistance,  the training will equip the student to become an eligible candidate to apply at local hospital, long term care nursing home, assisted living facility, clinics and more.  

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The training consist of 5 weeks of the following: THREE weeks in the classroom, ONE week in skills lab, and ONE week in clinical setting for hands on experience.

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Time management is not observed. It is learned. We teach that here.

ALASKA CNA is dedicated to producing the highest quality Certified Nurse Assistants available in Alaska.

Activities  of  Daily

We will teach how to assist and perform baths, dressing, and toileting.

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We'll explain all the possible ways to enhance and perfect your new career choice.


Our nurse aide training program is the right place to learn the skills to become an efficient certified nurse assistance.  We are licensed and approved by the Alaska State Board of Nursing.


 we train all qualified participants to become certified nurse assistants 


 Team approach is the best approach.

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