• REGISTRATION IS APPOINTMENT ONLY.  ​Phone hours are 11am to 5pm Monday to Saturday, Call 267-9113
  • TO GET STARTED, participant should bring a state approved photo ID and a minimum payment of $500.00 or total cost of $1,800.00.  We do not accept cash or personal checks.  All monies should be paid by cashier's check, money order, or cash app    (call 267-9113 for more details about paying by smart phone through cash app).

  • FULL PAYMENT IS DUE ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS if not paid student will be enrolled into next available class.  The student can only be advanced ahead to 1 schedule class.  If payment is still not paid,  student will lose registration fee, application fee and supply fee ( if book given).   If student pays the full course of $1800 then decides to not enter the course, student will have to pay for registration fee, application fee, and book fee.   If the book is returned in the same condition as it was given, the student will not have to pay the book fee.  

  • ENTRANCE TEST WILL BE ONLINE. Student must score a 75% score or higher or they cannot enter our course ( Entrance test will be waived if 1st year of college is complete, we need transcript or grades to verify class attendance.) 

  • DRUG SCREEN...Once the school gives you the textbook, student will receive drug screen lab slip. Urine drug screen is $25.00 (PAID DIRECTLY TO LAB CORP NOT US)

  • BACKGROUND CHECK...When student completes registration packet, admission staff will reach out to you and set up electronic background check application (PLEASE DO NOT START THIS PROCESS ON YOUR OWN!).  Department of Social Services is the only accepted background check for Alaska CNA program.  The phone number is 334-4475.  The cost is $88.25.  Please take 1 fingerprint card and payment to 4601 Business Park Blvd Building K.

  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.... Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella, T-Dap, Covid-19 vaccination (REQUIRED), and Tuberculin skin test within the past 12 months or if unable to get TB Skin test due to exposure of TB, documentation as a previous positive reactor is required.  Basic Life Support Card/ CPR Card is also required.   .

  • FIRST DAY OF CLASS...All students must wear navy blue scrubs, black shoes, and wear second hand watch.  All students need to bring 1 finger print card and CNA application.  First homework assignment must be completed. (Please syllabus)


TUITION Fee--------------------------------------------------$700

Registration Fee--------------------------------------------$200

(non refundable)

Application Fee---------------------------------------------$200  

(non refundable)

Equipment Fee----------------------------------------------$200

Withdrawal Fee (non-refundable)------------------$100

Supply Fee----------------------------------------------------$125 


Facility Fee---------------------------------------------------$275

Invoice Electronic fee to Quickbooks-------------$70

Total Cost of Course $1870.00


My Clinical Exchange registration-----------------------$20.00

QuickBooks credit/debit card processing fee------$70.00

LAB CORP URINE DRUG SCREEN---------------------------$25.00

2 FINGERPRINT CARDS-----------------------------------------$30.00


STATE OF ALASKA BOARD OF NURSING---------------$330.00

Basic Life Support (BLS only) CPR-------------------------Varies

Navy blue scrubs, black shoes, second-hand watch---Varies

TDAP, HEP B, MMR, VARICELLA---------------------Varies

TB test or Negative chest x-ray within the past 12 months